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Sometimes, your child will need to give oral presentations in class, which not many adults look forward to because it makes them nervous. If your child is one of those who aren't too keen about speaking in front of an audience, The Tutoring Center, Duluth, has a few pointers to increase their confidence for that moment.

Rehearse Body Language

Practicing in front of a mirror, making eye contact with the audience, and speaking with a clear voice are crucial elements of public speaking. Motivate your child to move their hands naturally as they talk, address their audience, and remain in a natural pose without seeming too stiff.

Work on the Inflections

Please remind your child that the inflections of their voice can change the meaning of their words. Perhaps using yourself as an example and with good humor. Another take on this is to pick up some phrase and have your child say it out loud with different emotions, such as anger, sadness, excitement, fear, and with no inflections at all.

Deliver the Message

If they are already feeling more confident, practice with your child the presentation at home. Though you should keep in mind that memorizing isn't quite the goal of this, you should focus more on your child's tone and speech skills.

The Tutoring Center, Duluth, has a team of experts that can help your child increase their confidence and ability on this and other issues. If you're considering getting tutoring in Duluth, please give us a call at (678) 629-3227.

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