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Creating the right environment for homeschooling can be fitting during this time due to confinement, but it can also be the beginning of a good study habit. Human brains work better when they have acquired routines and know what they have to do at all times. That's why it's necessary to implement an order at home similar to the one that's carried out at school.

The Following Order Can Help Your Child Find Some Guidance

  • Waking up at the same time every day: keep using an alarm clock to wake up, it's not appropriate for children to think they are on vacation. If they wake up whenever they want, they will fall asleep when they can't take it anymore.
  • Keep it quiet to help them concentrate: Classical music or background sounds (such as birds chirping) are distracting.
  • The designated place to study should be their bedroom or a home study: Never the kitchen or living room since these places have distracting elements that don't facilitate proper concentration nor provide adequate lighting. In this sense, it's important to remember that if the minor is right-handed, the light has to enter from the left so that the hand doesn't cast a shadow on the paper, and vice-versa if the student is left-handed.
  • The use of mobile phones or television while doing their work is completely prohibited.
  • It's not appropriate to have food on the desk: They must eat breakfast before starting, but a glass of water during the study hour is enough, since they will have time to eat at noon

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