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Children will be your first source of school information, but you must know their teacher's point of view since children spend a large part of their week with them. Being curious and respectful when asking questions will allow you to delve into school performance in the classroom and children's relationships with the school environment.

"How Is My Child Doing in School?"

The first thing is to inform yourself in regards to your child's school performance, which goes beyond the grade that may appear on their report card or any test result. You have to ask your child's teachers if they work well while they are in class. It's essential to ensure they are focused on the activities done in the classroom, if they show interest in the learning process, or if they complete assigned tasks on time.

"What Is the Work Methodology Used in the Classroom?"

Understanding the teachers' approach is crucial. Will they assign homework, or will they prefer that the whole learning process is centered within the classroom? And, of course, you and your children must comply with that work methodology.

"How Can I Support My Child at Home?"

The learning process can be reinforced and improved at home. It's crucial to bear in mind that the parent's role is to resolve questions and ensure their children carry out their responsibilities. In no case is it about doing homework for the children or burdening them with unnecessary tasks.

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