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Winter vacation is an excellent opportunity for children to catch up on academic subjects and get ahead on their school tasks. In this post, The Tutoring Center, Duluth, shares some reasons why winter is the perfect time to enroll in tutoring sessions.

Learning Loss Is a Real Problem

Students typically experience a decline in academic achievement during summertime, commonly referred to as the "summer slide," which essentially describes the lack of didactical efforts during the summer break. This learning disadvantage could manifest during the winter break since students lose up to one or two months worth of academic proficiency in complex subjects like science or math. This problem can be compensated and eradicated through a consistent tutoring routine to keep your children's minds busy, and whatever material they learned over the past year will stay fresh in their minds when they return to school.

Winter Tutoring Maintains a Steadier Routine

By working with a tutor over the winter break, your children can stay academically engaged. Many students find themselves watching television, playing video games, or spending hours on social media during school breaks. While everyone deserves time off to unwind, it's also a clever idea to limit young students to these activities to keep their minds busy. Winter tutoring can help children maintain a consistent learning schedule with a few academic sessions and leisure activities. Additionally, tutoring during the winter can help teens stick to their sleep schedule, which is a common problem when students return to school and lose the habit of waking up early.

If you're looking for effective ways to prevent winter slides in your children, reach out to The Tutoring Center, Duluth, by calling (678) 629-3227 and scheduling a free diagnostic assessment for tutoring in Duluth.

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