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Set Measurable and Attainable Goals

School goals should avoid aiming for things with no direction, such as sole improvement or learning more about a specific subject. Setting reachable and precise objectives will present a road to lead your children towards a steadier path to academic success. But first, you need to help them prioritize goals. The following examples are just hypothetical but will illustrate the importance of well-defined goals:
  • "My final grade in Mathematics must be a B+."
  • "In the next Science test, I have to get an A."
  • "In the following Biology quiz, my minimum grade needs to be a B-"
These examples will also motivate your children to commit and work hard towards merit and boost their self-determination. In fact, with the results of these purposes, you can help them make graphs to have a visual representation of their performance.

Rank Goals

Not all aspirations are equally important. If your children are about to fail a subject, the goal-setting process needs to prioritize the issue in questions over any other class;  especially those with good grades. Similarly, it's recommended to have at least five to ten school goals and add subgoals comprised of short-term objectives so that you can monitor their results daily or weekly.

Write down Every Goal

Write school goals on a sheet of paper and stick them on their wall, on a post-it and stick it on the computer. No matter how you do it, putting this in a visible place will help your children remember their goals and keep them from deviating.

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