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Below, The Tutoring Center, Duluth, shares some techniques to make studying at home or doing homework after school a more productive and enjoyable task for the children and young students in your care.

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How to Make Studying More Enjoyable

The following study techniques and guidelines usually deliver outstanding homework and study time results; jot these down and teach them to your children!

Take Notes by Hand

Even if your children were born in the digital age, there is nothing like taking notes by hand. This method ensures retention so that the most important ideas are easily memorized while improving their spelling skills, as it provides an opportunity to write slowly and carefully. At the same time, they get familiar with the different grammar rules.

Taking Short Breaks

It's necessary to take rest breaks from time to time. Otherwise, it won't be effortless for children to maintain the same focus levels and engagement over time, especially after a while. Plan the schedules and take advantage of brief pauses to drink water or snack on some pieces of fruit, but nothing to use their phones or turn on the TV. Otherwise, it will be more challenging to return to the study.

Alternating Academic Subjects

Doing a little math first, continuing with English, and then going back to math is beneficial for children's brains since they reactivate attention and gain quality of the study session by incorporating variety.

Mistakes and Accomplishments When It Comes to Children’s Homework

Not everything goes as planned when it comes to getting children to do their homework, as it's usually an activity that invites drama or some argument. To avoid this, emphasize and prioritize building good study habits during these after-school sessions rather than using them as an excuse or an instrument to improve grades. Here are some guidelines that help children finish their homework with a better disposition. Plus, don't forget to consider other tips concerning what you should avoid, as they do not help encourage study sessions.

Creating a Suitable Atmosphere

Showing a positive mindset and good temperament before tackling homework will help your children to have a better disposition to approach their duties. Plus, they will feel the work environment much more relaxed and pleasant without noise or distractions. Set a work schedule, especially in the early afternoon, because children will be less tired to focus on their homework and stick to it. Also, Help the children by guiding them through their study sessions or lessons, but avoid answering things for them; this learning experience is about thinking for themselves and learning from their mistakes.

Show Interest in Their Assignments

Ask what they have to complete today, and help check whenever necessary. This is key as it will help you monitor your children's academic progress at home.

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Red Flags to Avoid When Children Start Studying

Having Adults Do the Children’s Homework for Them

If you help your children a bit too much, they will get used to not, or too lazy to, think for themselves. Also, pressuring the child will be a detrimental move as it will lead them to get nervous more easily. ,

Countless Reprimands

Yelling, punishments and excessive scolding will negatively affect young students, as their focus skills will decrease, and they will likely not do the task well.

Unknown Teaching Methods

Teach them at home more than what they're being taught at school. Children will get confused more easily since learning different methods may not be the same process their teacher has taught them; this will likely overwhelm them or make them feel insecure by explaining things they are not yet prepared to explain.

Protest about the Amount of Homework They Have to Complete

If it turns out that their assignments seem too many or too complex for their academic level, it's better to ask for a meeting or tutorial with the teacher and talk about it calmly. Remember that you must remain calm and severe when it comes to the homework and study that they bring from school and be available to answer their questions.

If your student is struggling with maintaining good academic performance, reach out to the professionals at The Tutoring Center, Duluth, by calling (678) 629-3227 to learn about the benefits of tutoring in Duluth.

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