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It Keeps the Brain Young

Writing by hand favors psychomotor skills and keeps the brain active. Like drawing, coloring mandalas, doing crosswords, or assembling puzzles, the practice of handwriting is essential to stimulate neuronal activity and prevent or delay the onset of cognitive impairment diseases, such as Alzheimer's or senile dementia.

Promotes Creativity

The regular practice of handwriting sparks the imagination and encourages creativity. Writing is one of the best forms of expression. When writing, people pour their ideas, thoughts, and projects on paper, and many of those scribblings are the seed of a brilliant idea.

It's a Relaxing Activity

When people write, they focus on each letter, enjoy each stroke, the rhythm, and this process's flow. It keeps their minds busy with the thought impregnating the paper. That continued focus over time makes people forget about their problems and focus on the present moment. Besides, it's proven that expressing concerns through writing is very therapeutic since it helps to loosen and alleviate those tensions. Transferring a problem to paper implies removing it from the mental drawer where it was stored and, in some way, detaching from it.

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