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Playing sports in summer can be unattractive due to the high temperatures or because this time is more conducive to rest. Still, The Tutoring Center, Duluth, shares some activities that allow children and teenagers to exercise in a fun and pleasant way while enjoying the summer weather. Staying in shape during the summer is easy by practicing any of the following sports.


Walking is one of the most accessible forms of exercise that improves muscle tone and helps the cardiovascular system. Thus, hiking can be an alternative way of contemplating nature while the body is in motion. Walking about 45 minutes a day is enough for a person to remain in good shape. Due to the high temperatures of the summer season, it's advisable to walk in the early morning or the late afternoon, and even at night. When trekking during the day, it's essential to follow some basic measures such as putting on a hat or sunglasses, use sunscreen, and bring plenty of water or another source of hydration.

Padel Tennis

This sport is quick to learn and allows people to burn calories while entertaining people. Padel tennis consists of preventing the rival from returning the ball to the other's court before bouncing a second time. Each player is equipped with a regulation racket, and the matches are played on courts specially adapted for this sport.

Sports are key to health but don't overlook the effect of summer learning slides and enroll your children in tutoring in Duluth. Call The Tutoring Center, Duluth, at (678) 629-3227 and check out their academic programs for the summer.

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